Who we are?

Our costumers’ demands and interests are of the utmost importance to us in FINLEG; and therefore, we are not limited merely to the technical accounting.

We are a professionally trained and experienced legal accounting team.

Therefore, you will be able to focus on your business and manage it feeling completely secure and assured that your paperwork needs are in good hands:


you will receive professional expert advice and assistance on accounting, taxes or personnel issues anytime;


we will save your precious business time by handling staff documents, contracts, reports and all other tedious paperwork on your behalf;


we will remind you and draw your attention to the areas that can be otherwise easily forgotten; such as, requirements of internal procedures pursuant to Labour Code, keeping formal legal procedures, announcements to shareholders and others.


What can we offer you?

Accounting and consultations

  • work with primary documents;
  • record sale and purchase invoices;
  • record cash flow;
  • human resources accounting;
  • calculate payroll;
  • Petty Cash Vouchers;
  • prepare write-offs for meal and entertainment deductions;
  • offer fixed assets accounting;
  • packaging waste accounting;
  • prepare financial statements;
  • tax and cash receipts calculations;
  • Prepare and submit declaration forms to Sodra, VMI and Department of Statistics;
  • prepare debt statements;
  • record inventory;
  • participate during audits, stock taking and revisions;
  • send a representative on your behalf to the institutions of authority;
  • assist during bankruptcy proceedings;
  • consult on all accounting subjects (book-keeping, finance, tax, law, and EU support).

Human Resources documentation and consultations

  • employment agreements;
  • employee internal rules an regulations;
  • other procedures, instructions and regulations;
  • job descriptions;
  • orders and proposals (forms for new employee acceptance and termination, vacation, business trips, compensation and damage form, and etc.);
  • agreements regarding confidentiality, non-compete, and work-study;
  • consult on all staff issues.

Do YOU have any unanswered questions you would like FINLEG to assist you with? Please contact our specialists today for your free consultation to hear the best solution to your situation based on your needs and interests.


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Address: Perkūnkiemio Street 3, 6th floor, Vilnius

Tel. +370 601 01511

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„Swedbank“, AB

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